Best Material For Ties

Top 3 Materials For Ties That You Must Know

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Best Material For Ties

Choosing the best material for ties can be a harrowing thing, especially since purchasing ties may seem like a quick and easy process. However, many people seem to overlook this very important factor.

When it comes to the material you choose it depends when you wear the tie and knowing which materials work for you. Whether it’s a bow tie, a skinny tie or a regular tie, you need to consider which events you intend to wear it. This includes silk, polyester and cotton, which are the three most in-demand fabrics to choose from. These are, luckily, also the most prominent and easy to find.

Fabric – Silk

Silk ties were the first ties to come about in western society. Worn initially by royalty as a necktie in the mid-1600s, silk was considered amongst the prime fabric for adorning those who could afford it. To this day silk is one of the most popular materials for ties. This includes all varieties of ties, including pocket squares. This fabric is easy to keep wrinkle-free if stored properly and always gives a professional look to every suit.

It should be notes, however, that silk ties tend to be amongst the most expensive. This is due to the process of silkworms and the difficulty of keeping the dyes in. Below is a great alternative if you prefer not to break the bank and want to keep to a more synthetic blend for your ties.

Fabric – Polyester

You’re among the majority if you’re debating on buying a polyester tie. They’re the most accessible and the most popular fabric when it comes to ties. Some grow apprehensive when buying synthetic fabrics, as they believe that they won’t last as long or appear as expensive as their counterparts. This, however, is not something to be worried about. There are some great polyester blends that will last and withstand the knotting without fraying. In fact, many synthetic fibres have come increasingly close to mimicking the feel and look of silk, without the environmental damage and the price tag.

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Fabric – Cotton

Cotton, although sturdier and coarser than polyester, tends to be a great choice for summer. As opposed to the polyester blend, cotton ties are denser and can handle being stored by folding, as they won’t crease as easily. You won’t have nearly as many wrinkles in these ties. Cotton can withstand the beating, and as mentioned in a previous article, if you intend to wear bow ties, cotton is your best bet. Bow ties are unique in the way that they’re tied and the fabric needs to be strong enough to be constantly knotted. If choosing a casual bow tie, go for cotton.

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Occassion – Professional

You want to maintain a sleek look when walking into the office. If you’re headed to a business meeting or working with clients, make sure that your tie reflects that. You don’t want to be the only person wearing the wrong thing to the wrong event.

With this in mind, the best tie materials to wear for a professional occasion would be silk or polyester, which both have a shine to it. It will help create a more formal appearance to your suit as it immediately appears sleek. Your tie will bring attention to your suit in the best way possible and can be matched with a pocket square of the same material, should you be wanting an entire ensemble.

Occassion – Casual

 As mentioned previously if you’re looking to head to a more casual setting, you’d be best off choosing a cotton tie. These ties tend to come in lighter colors and all kinds of different designs that can be suitable for a fun dinner out with friends, or even a birthday party. This is something you should keep in mind when choosing to wear that cotton tie to a professional setting.


The best material for ties depends entirely on the occasion. You want to step forward being as prepared as possible. Even if it’s just as something as small as the material and type of tie you wear, it can mean the biggest change in your wardrobe.