Best Bow Ties For Tuxedo Shirts

The Complete Guideline To Choose Right Bow Tie For Tuxedo Shirts

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Wearing a tuxedo is the go-to suit for those special occasions – these include weddings and black tie events, which are often the highlight of a long year of social events. Choosing the best bow ties for tuxedo shirts are based primarily on what type of look you’re intending to go with, whether it’s classic, modern or edgy.

Types of Tuxedo Shirts:

Pleated Front – Classic

The pleated front collar tuxedo shirt is the easiest to find, and the one tuxedo shirt typically worn to weddings. This is because it’s considered the most traditional of all the options out there. It has a series of grooves in the front that elongated the torso, and also stands out from your suit jacket.

Plain Front – Casual

The plain front is the casual tuxedo shirt. It’s best worn with a slim tailored suit and a straight bow tie. The front lacks the details of the other options, and tends to be plain and smooth at the front. The plain front tuxedo shirt often comes with a pocket along the side that’s close to the buttons. It may lack the detail of the pleated and pique bib, but it does come with some statement features.

Pique Bib Front – Formal

The pique bib is for those occasions where you’re looking to make the best impression. If you should be going to a black tie event or a wedding – most importantly, your own wedding, or where you’re one of the groomsmen – you want to wear the pique bib. It’s the most formal of all the tuxedo shirts.
 The pique bib is smooth like the plain front, but it has a groove along the side of the buttons and has a higher collar. It also comes with a double-layer, hence the name. It has a groove along the front edges for a cover along the chest.

Bow Ties For Tuxedo Shirts:

There are multiple ways to wear your bow ties. Whenever you wear a tuxedo, you’re already looking to make a statement. A pleated front is best combined with a butterfly bow tie, plain front should be sported with the colorful bow tie and the pique bib front tuxedo shirt is worn best with the semi butterfly bow tie. These are all terrific pairings that will give you specific looks for your next formal occasion.

Butterfly – Classic

The butterfly bow tie is a classic that’s been a staple for tuxedo shirts since they became popularized in the late 1800s. The butterfly bow tie has larger ends, and can be seen as more formal than some other ties.
 If you’re looking to make a statement when wearing your tuxedo, it’s best to keep it simple. That’s why the butterfly bow tie is best paired with the plain front, as it will help even out the simplicity of the tuxedo shirt.

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Semi Butterfly – Modern

The semi butterfly bow tie is different from its larger counterpart as it has a narrower around the finished bow. The semi butterfly tends to lean towards being the modern version of the overall classic.
 The semi butterfly should be paired with the pleated front. It tends to be quite a modern piece, and would help align with the detailed pleats in the tuxedo shirt. It will help maintain a sleek, modern look.

Colorful – Edgy

When choosing to wear a different colored bow tie, such as a metallic or white, you’ll certainly stand out from the others. A staple amongst colored bow ties is red and tends to be the statement piece of your tuxedo.
 The colorful bow tie is a noticeable accessory. When wearing the colorful bow tie, you could go one of two ways: you can pair it with the simplicity of the plain front tuxedo shirt to add a statement to your outfit. Or, you can opt to wear a metallic or royal color with the pique bib front. Either of these will allow you to not overwhelm your outfit and maintain a formal appearance.

Making the Choice

Now that you know the difference between each, you can mix and match. Suggestions for each have been made but it all comes down to which option are the best when choosing bow ties for tuxedo shirts. In the end, it completely depends on what type of statement you’re trying to make with your outfit.