We all love a well-dressed man as much as we love a well-dressed woman. It isn’t just about a good shirt with a pair of good pants or a tuxedo; it is also about wearing good accessories and teaming it up the right way. However, there are plenty of bow tie outfit ideas for the gentlemen out there who want to look good and amazing in various occasions.

There are plenty of rules when you are trying to accessorize a bow tie. Here are a few rules you need to follow –

  1. The type and the look – Everyone knows it pretty well that there are three types of bow ties – the self-tie, the pre-tie and the clip on ones. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what kind of bow tie outfit you are going to wear do not ever choose the clip on or the pre-tie bow ties. These aren’t meant for gentlemen. If you really want to rock the outfit, only opt for self-tie bow ties.
  2. The perfection myth – When someone says your bow tie looks perfect, trust us, it means it doesn’t really look that good. A perfect bow tie doesn’t look good at all and the perfection is a myth here. It looks unreal and ridiculous at the same time.
  3. The size of your bow tie – The width of your bow tie shouldn’t more than the width of your face; meaning the bow tie width shouldn’t overcome your face. Moreover, the bow tie outfit looks amazing only when the width of your shirt’s collar is bigger than the width of your bow tie and NOT the vice versa. When you are wearing a slim line bow tie, it is best paired with a standard-shaped collar, the broad and big bow ties or the standard ones looks good when you are wearing it with a winged collar and that outfit is actually perfect for a day wear.
  4. The fabric magic and the color code – The fabric and the color of the bow tie play a huge role in the bow tie outfit selection process. for a day wear look, you can opt for Flannel, suiting wools, selvage denim, cotton, seersucker and madras checks and then again, black or white satin self-tie would be perfection for a formal evening wear. When it comes to the color code, the basic rule is to sync the color with the outfit along with the type of event you are attending. The color of the bow tie shouldn’t be too bright or too loud which can make you look over the top and distract people’s interest from your fact to the tie. According to the demand of the event, they can be dark, muted or gray or maybe a little bit fancy.
  5. The mode of event – When you are trying to know how to wear, you also should know where to wear a bow tie. The event can be anything – a formal or a semi-formal or even a normal one. All you need is a bit of knowledge while selecting the bow tie and the outfit.


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