So when you picture yourself wearing a shirt with bow tie, you probably think about being someone from the 20th-century gentlemen don’t you? But trust us, bow ties are still in fashion and it will look tremendous on you when you know exactly how to team it up with fashion. There are plenty of ways you can rock the look – there are plenty of colors and patterns that you can use enhance the look. All that you need is a little bit of planning and proper execution on the same.

You must make sure that the color of your attire and the pattern of the bow tie don’t clash otherwise it will probably make you look clownish and ultimately you will end up looking out of fashion.

The very first rule of rocking a bow tie is – you don’t match the shirt with bow tie – you match the bow tie with your shirt. Here are a few simple hacks how to make you look ravishing while tying a bow tie –

  1. Chose your shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a neutral color or not; but if it is indeed a neutral color, you don’t have to worry much about choosing a bow tie. But in case you want to team up with a suit, it is the best time to choose one for you.
  2. The second part here is, choosing the bow tie. This one is a bit tricky because only the right bow tie will give you the right look on your shirt. However, there are a few steps to choose the kind of bow tie with your shirt –
  3. Choose the type of bow tie you want – There three kinds of bow ties you will get – the self-tie, the pre-tie and the clip on ones. And one tip to choose the bow tie though, if you do not want anyone to consider you as a child, never ever choose a clip on bow tie. And then again, for a proper formal event, self-ties are the best option to choose as the pre-tie ones are especially for the casual events. Always keep the event you are going to attend in mind.
  4. The event plays a huge role – The event actually plays a huge role when you are choosing the shirt with bow tie. If the event is a formal or a semi-formal one, then the color of the bow tie should be either black or white. The color will again depend on the event. When it comes to choosing the shirt according to the event, always wear a crisp white shirt – even if the bow tie is white.
  5. The shape of the tie – There are 5 kinds of bow ties – the butterfly, batwing, jumbo butterfly, diamond point, and slim diamond point. It is always important to make sure that when you are wearing your shirt with bow tie, stick with the most common ones, the butterfly, and the batwing ones. If you don’t want to look over the top, then sticking with the common ones is the best thing to do.

There are many other ways to rock the look with a bow tie. But as of now try these simple hacks out for a better experience.


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