Skinny ties aren’t just the 20th-century style statement; it is much more than that. These are actually a sense of style that has been popular for over the last few decades and it is never going out of style.

“The less is more” was the motto of the 1960’s fashionistas and hence, skinny ties were one of the most popular choices of accessories. The tie is a narrow-shaped one expressing the mainstream minimalism.

There are plenty of ways in which you can wear the skinny ties, most importantly; it looks great when you are doing a casual look.

Every man wants to look amazing for their dates; well, the vice versa but most of the times we see women are given more styling advice than men and this isn’t something we can call equality. Men too need grooming and fashion recommendations for various reasons, and therefore, we are helping you out with some of the best style advice with the skinny ties –

  1. Who should be wearing the skinny-tie and when – If you are looking out to rock a casual look, skinny ties are best teamed up with a jacket and low lapels. However, although you skinny ties can be worn in many ways or probably with every cloth, you shouldn’t be teaming up this fashionable accessory with a t-shirt or short – it will NOT make you look more cool.
  2. Skinny ties don’t look good when you wear them with a jeans and sneakers. But they look incredibly amazing when you know how to mix and match with different colors, and patterns. For a semi-formal and semi-casual look, pair the sexy skinny tie with a semi-formal shirt and a semi-formal pant for a different looks altogether. This will soften up your look and yes it will also make your silhouette look slimmer.
  3. When you are out on a date night, or there is a family get together or a party which isn’t a theme-party, a skinny tie can be worn to give you a more fashionable look. But, then again, if you have a stout body shape with broad chest or if you are heavy or overweight, it is better if you don’t wear a skinny tie. It looks incredibly good with guy who have a slim figure or with the guys who are slimmer.
  4. Make sure you do not wear watches that have a large dialer or with large and wide neck chains and stuffs, that will make you look horrible.

So when NOT to wear a skinny tie –

Honestly, skinny ties are awesome but then again, you don’t want to make yourself a fool by trying out something which isn’t your kind of thing. Here is what you need to take care of while you want to team up a skinny tie with your casual or semi-casual look –

  1. Do not wear a skinny tie if you are overweight or you have a heavy and broad body.
  2. Do not wear a skinny tie if you are a middle aged man – classic tie is the best option for you.
  3. Skinny ties don’t go well with corporate and business meetings.
  4. Don’t wear skinny tie if you are wearing big watches and wide chain.


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