As the trends are changing with the changes in the technology and the mentality of the people, the fashion industry is also making an impact in this generation of fashionable people in formal attire or informal attire. There are fashion trends where people make fashion statements in every single outfit they get. But there are many restrictions that only men will understand in the world of fashion and accessories.

Men cannot wear many of the things that women can wear without caring what the world says. But men can wear cufflinks. Yes, they can. Now, what else can a man wear as a piece of jewelry that can do both the jobs of being functional and an ornament at the same time? But there comes another problem. Men wear formals, and one of the formal attire is the tuxedo, and here comes the question- where do cufflinks go on a tux? Even if you never tried them, it will be a great suggestion to you to try them and you will get all the compliments from people who notice the detailing that you are wearing.

But before we move on to the solution and the detailing of what and how to wear the cufflinks, we must know that what cufflinks and what are the various ways by which one can make use of the cufflinks more accurately.

What are cufflinks? Well, a cufflink is actually a tool that is used for the fastening the shirt cuffs to get closed. They can be categorized as the alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. And just like any other button, the cufflinks come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and even materials. The cufflinks usually offer a much more contrast than a button, and they are considered a more of an ornamental option but they are bit more or less formal.

As per the question- where do cufflinks go on a tux, here the answers and suggestions go on to be a long list. At the very first suggestion and advice, whatever the styling of the tuxedo is, the cufflink that you choose must match the overall appearance. The cufflinks should be worn on the outside of the wrist.

The tuxedo shirt that you choose must be one of the primary things that you must take good notice of, or else the entire concept of cufflinks might just fail. You can begin by placing the stem of the cufflink through the hole on the outer part of the cuff. The next to do is to align the insides of both the halves of the cuff, or you can also understand it by the fact that, never turn the cuff as if you are buttoning it. Now, place the stem of the cufflink through the other hole on the shirt.

The final step is to turn the toggle on the stem to secure the cufflink in the place where it is meant to be. And all these things are enough to let you know- where do cufflinks go on a tux!


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