Men are wise and men who can wear bow-ties the right way are wiser. Why? Because most men don’t know how to actually wear a bow-tie. By this statement, we don’t mean that they don’t know how to tie a bow-tie but we mean that they don’t know when and with what clothes they should wear it.

A lot of men love wearing a bow tie but due to lack of occasions they don’t. But this isn’t something that should bother you because wearing a bow tie doesn’t need an occasion if you know how to team up the same for a casual look. All you need is a bow tie and a good shirt and you can wear it every day – make it a new style statement.

The rules you need to follow

There are several rules to wear a bow tie with a shirt. The most important thing is the fit of the shirt. When your shirt fits you well without strangling it on your body, it means the shirt fits you well and properly. Wearing a short that is too big for you or that looks pretty loose on your body, is a big no! However, for a casual look with a bow tie, it is better if you wear a shirt with one pocket.

Then comes the bow tie – the bow-tie follows pretty much the same rule. The number one rule is – you need to wear the bow tie according to the size and shape of your body. There are three different sizes for bow ties – big, medium and small ones. You will probably look ridiculous if you wear a small bow-tie when you have a large body shape. Then again, if you don’t have much experience same, you can wear a medium bow-tie. That will save you from the horror.

There are various ways to make sure you are wearing the right bow-tie for the particular look. If your bow tie is shiny, it means the tie is for a formal look. It won’t go well with the casual look. Then if your bow tie is opaque that will give you a casual look.

However, when it comes to colors, the black and white bow-ties are only for the special occasions. You cannot wear them on a daily basis. The casual ones are more colorful or vivid or they come with various patterns.

The casual look always offers different tying. There are two types of tying of the bow ties – self-tied bow and the pre-tied bow. Self-tied bows are not suitable for a casual look as they are much more personal and give a sophisticated look to your fashion.

Wearing the same color for both the shirt and the tie would not be recommended. You should use different colors for the both like if you are wearing a neutral color shirt then opt for a non-neutral color bow tie and do the vice versa. When we talk about neutral colors, we talk about colors like – white, black, dark blue, khaki and etc.

There are many ways to wear a bow tie. All you need is a bit of knowledge and confident in you.


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