how to wear a skinny tie

It isn’t just a woman who has to wear accessories in style, a man too has to go along with the same and look great with it. Skinny ties are one of those accessories men love to team up with the best skinny jeans or the best suit you get to wear which turn your suave mundane outfit to a fun and playful one.

Skinny ties are around in the world of fashion since a long time – like around the 1960s. Amazingly the trend never went out of style and believe it or not, it is considered to be one of the best fashion forward statements.

When you know how to wear a skinny tie, it makes you look better so here are a few ways to make give you a signature look with your best skinny tie –

  1. So you have vivid colored skinny ties like – red, yellow, purple, green, blue and stuff – team them up with a classic button down shirt for a suave semi-formal look. Semi ties are all about looking fit and young so do not forget to wear well-fitted pants.
  2. When you want a casual look with your skinny ties, you should pair them up with a shirt or a t-shirt or a vest that has a collar. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves. You can experiment with colors and various patterns but not to forget – a good pair of jeans is always important to keep in mind – keep it stylish with a simple and casual look.
  3. When you are wearing a sharp and catchy pant, and you want to team up with a skinny tie, remember to wear a white shirt – if you are not a fan of white, then any solid color will do.
  4. When you are up for a look that demands you to wear printed skinny ties with printed shirt, remember not to make it look too bold – subtle is good.
  5. Skinny ties are best options for guys who are tall and skinny. If you are a little chubby or overweight, you should avoid using skinny ties for it isn’t going to make you look at your best – the slimness of the tie will make you look more chubby and overweight.
  6. If you are wearing a suit, and you are teaming up a skinny tie, add gold or a silver tie clip to add a little sophistication to your look.
  7. Wearing a tuxedo and not teaming it up with a silk or satin skinny tie will do no justice to your look. Above all, these are amazingly teamed up with dinner jackets.
  8. If you are one of those clueless men who doesn’t know how long the tie should be, then remember, your tie should always be above your waist line or the belt – it doesn’t matter which look you are trying to sport – be it casual or formal. Do NOT ever wear a tie below or higher than your waistline.

It’s better to look trendy and simple than to look over the top. It is all about comfort. Make yourself comfortable with what you are wearing and you are good to go.


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