A tie bar is a simply a clothing accessory that is used to clip the tie. It serves various purposes ranging from prevention of swinging the tie so that it doesn’t just move recklessly to providing a neat, uniform appearance. Though as simple as it sounds, how to wear tie bars has been a kind of a mystery to most people as, though the people use it, still they find it difficult set the standard.

Since it is a clothing accessory, like any other clothing accessories, it has the power to make or break it. A clothing accessory is that component of the style which, if used rightly can enhance the style to a great deal though if you don’t know how to use it, it will actually look odd and the look that you were trying to get, won’t be reflected in reality which in turn, defeats the purpose of wearing a clothing accessory. That’s why it is important to take a note on how to wear tie bars so that it reflects the style that you are trying to achieve.

The purpose of tie bar is actually very simple. It is used to fasten the tie to the placket of your shirt so that it doesn’t wander around. Hence it has the ability to give a neat look when you actually wearing it in right manner. But even before choosing a tie bar to wear, you should take a look into the width of the tie bar as it matters a lot in the outcome. The tie bar shouldn’t be more than the three-fourth of the width of the tie for a perfect match. The placement is also crucial with regards to how to wear tie bars. As slight displacement from the perfect placement can give an odd look which you may not want to portray. The placement should be around the sternum just below the pectoral muscles to give a perfect look that you have intended all along. Any deviation to this may give an appearance that you haven’t looked for.

Angle also carries a significant role in the subject of how to wear tie bars. As Amy angle, not perpendicular to the tie, can fail to give the neat look that you were longing for. The tie bar should always be perpendicular to the tie.

There are also other factors which need to be taken into consideration while wearing a tie bar such as colors. One can’t go wrong with a silver tie bar as it gives a classic look which most people will prefer. But, if it suits your personality and also the outfit, you can also go for a golden tie bar which is much more expressive in nature. But do take a notice, if you are going to a golden tie bar, you have to make sure that, your outfit could carry it and the tie bar blends with the style which otherwise will do more harm than any good. Also, if possible, you should avoid colorful tie bars which give an impression that you are trying to hard make it noticeable.



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