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Best Bow Ties For Tuxedo Shirts

Wearing a tuxedo is the go-to suit for those special occasions – these include weddings and black tie events, which are often the highlight of a long year of social events. Choosing the best bow ties for tuxedo shirts are based primarily on…

Best Material For Ties

When it comes to the material you choose it depends when you wear the tie and knowing which materials work for you. Whether it’s a bow tie, a skinny tie or a regular tie, you need to consider which events you intend to wear it. This…

What Ties To Wear With A Navy Suit

You want to have a sharp appearance and accessories can be the definitive difference between a simple outfit and one with flair, if they’re chosen well. Fortunately, navy suits can be matched easily as they’re so similar to black suits.

When Not To Wear A Bow Tie

To have outfits for every situation can help with the selection process. It also helps to determine that we're all aware of what should be worn. What could be detrimental is when and where you choose to wear said piece. You may not have…