What Ties Go With Black Shirts

Show You What Ties Go With Black Shirts With The Best Ties, Color Options and Fabrics

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What Ties Go With Black Shirts

A black shirt is a great, simplistic piece. No matter where it is you’re looking to go, you can give off the impression of being ready no matter what the situation. What ties go with black shirts? The truth is, when choosing a tie to go with that dark dress shirt, you need to consider not the type of tie – but the color, print and material. Luckily, there are many to choose from, and the black dress shirt gives you a great monochrome canvas to work with.

It may not always be your first choice when going to a formal event, but if you’re not one to wear your jacket (perhaps it’s too hot), you can always appear sleek and casual without trying too hard.

All Black Bow Tie – Classic

When you’re unsure, you should stick to what’s been tried and true long before you. A bow tie is already a massive statement piece, as it tends to be noticeable. So when going for a bow tie, you should choose a solid colored monochrome tie to go with your dress shirt. If you opt for a brightly colored bow tie, there’s a good chance you’ll throw off the outfit, as it will be overly eye-catching when paired with black.

An all-black bow tie with a similar colored dress shirt is a great and simplistic approach. This should be worn for a special occasion, however, such as a wedding or a more formal event. Wearing a bow tie to a business meeting may be, even without the suit jacket, too

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Silver Skinny Tie – Modern

Skinny ties are terrific to match with a black dress shirt. A skinny tie is a terrific accessory and can be a great statement piece for any occasion. If you’re looking to appear sleek, you should choose a skinny tie in a metallic color, or a metallic sheen to it. These colors will help give your dress shirt the pick up it needs in order to appear more formal.

It should be noted that the material you choose for your skinny tie is important. When choosing a metallic, you want your tie to have a sheen to it. Always try to stick to a polyester blend or silk, which will bring out the metallic color of your tie.

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Printed Regular Tie – Interchangeable

A black dress shirt is a great canvas to wear a printed tie. The combination of both will be noticeable without overwhelming your outfit, especially since you’ve chosen to wear just the shirt, since pocket squares and printed ties have their own rules. When choosing a print, you should opt for something that has the color of the dress shirt in the fabric.

Some great examples of prints are striped and polka dots. There are various types of these very prints, but you want to take an understated approach and be sure to incorporate the color so that everything matches. This will add depth to your outfit without being gaudy.

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When choosing what ties go with black shirts, it’s best to take a look at your options and determine what the best choice is for you. There are many different tie options to choose from. However, each one comes with it’s own stipulations, including the material of the tie and the occasion you intend on wearing it. By using these examples listed above, you’ll be able to retain a comfortable and elegant look wherever you are.