What Ties To Wear With A Navy Suit

Top 3 Tips To Show You What Ties To Wear With Navy Suit

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What Ties To Wear With A Navy Suit

Navy suits are a classic statement suit. So just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you have to be dull. Navy suits are versatile and can be worn at various events all throughout the year. Have a wedding to go to? A meeting? If you need to dress up for any kind of occasion, a navy suit will prove to be a great choice.

But with a colored suit comes a question – what ties should you wear with a navy suit? It’s not a black and white issue, as you don’t want your outfit to clash. You want to have a sharp appearance and accessories can be the definitive difference between a simple outfit and one with flair, if they’re chosen well. Fortunately, navy suits can be matched easily as they’re so similar to black suits.

Listed below are various options that you can choose to stand out even more.

Bow Ties – Classic, Yet Effective

It’s a vintage look that never fails, and it can be both eye-catching and subtle. Depending on what print and color you choose, bow ties are great when paired with a navy suit. They offer an air of sophistication without trying too hard.

You don’t want your tie to clash when wearing a navy colored suit. When you’re searching for a burst of color you want to remain in the royal and darker colors, especially if you’re choosing to wear a black or white dress shirt. You want something that will help accentuate the color of your suit – not overpower it.

Some good colors to choose from are red wine (or burgundy), a dark, slate grey or gold. You may choose to get a bow tie with a print, which is fine, but be careful when selecting your print. You want it to be noticed for good reasons. No one wants to be the one wearing a ridiculous accessory with a nice suit. If you should opt for a print make sure choose one that enhances or incorporates the color of the suit with the bow tie. So, find one that has navy entwined into the fabric. Something striped is always classy, or even a simple navy and white tie with small details like anchors.

Skinny Ties – Modern & Solid

Skinny ties are great with colored suits. You want to stick to modern designs, along with solid colored ties. The skinny tie is more of a statement piece than the bow tie or pocket square, so you will have more eyes noticing it. You don’t want it to detract from your suit or other accessories, so keep it minimal when you wear it.

You want to stick with neutral colors. Choose a darker, neutral color among the ones your deciding on. If you choose too light of a color or a tie with print, it will only become a distraction to those around you. You want your accessories to accentuate your outfit and neutral, solid colors are best. The color of your suit is already a statement so you don’t need your accessories to do the same. Some great colors to match with your suit would be black, silver, a dark purple or (if your dress shirt is white) navy.

No Tie – Opt For Pocket Squares

If you’re more of an introvert and you want to take a minimalistic approach to your suit, you should elect for something simpler than a tie. This is where the pocket square becomes a great piece to accessorize with. You may decide to stick to a white pocket square, or a match to whatever color dress shirt you’re wearing beneath your suit jacket but since pocket squares are minimal, you can choose a busier print without worrying about being excessive.

Again, you want to incorporate the color of your dress shirt or your suit into the pocket square. This will help keep the outfit streamlined. However, you don’t have to worry about the remaining colors incorporated into the fabric or about the print so long as they’re coordinating. It will only be slightly visible from your pocket and can help add a burst of boldness to your outfit.

When wearing a pocket square with your navy suit you may wear a tie to go along with it. If you decide to wear both a tie and a pocket square, make sure that the only print you have is with the pocket square, or that both accessories match. This will help bring the outfit together without conflicting with each other.

Those are just some ideas to create a modern, sleek look using your navy suit. So, what ties will you wear with your navy suit? Will you wear one at all?