Best Pocket Square For Black Suit

Guideline About How To Choose Best Pocket Square For Black Suit

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Best Pocket Square For Black Suit

Black suits are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, as they are suitable for any occasion. They’re the evocative classic that never goes out of style. When choosing a best pocket square for black suit you need to consider your own personal style and the dress shirt that you’re wearing alongside your suit. Everything should be cohesive.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the way we accessorize our outfits can sometimes be the defining characteristic. Let’s say, for instance, you’re going to a meeting and you pick out a matching pocket square and tie, and instead of wearing one solid color, you decide on a print for both. Unfortunately, this can overwhelm your outfit unless the print is subtle. Instead of appreciating your look people will wonder why you’d wear such a combination to a formal business meeting. They may even think that you don’t know how to dress yourself properly.

Let’s avoid that using the suggestions below.

Pocket Square History

Just how did something like the pocket square come about? Well, the pocket square didn’t start exactly how one would think. They originated from being used as a perfumed handkerchief. Around the 1400s major cities were congested with people and livestock. When there are so many people within such dense quarters, and without the proper plumbing system, you can imagine that the smell was horrific. So those that could afford it would purchase a handkerchief and apply a strong scent so that they could detract from the surrounding smells of the city.

This was done for hundreds of years and only changed into the pocket square near the early 1900s, around the time when the two-piece suit was introduced. As the popularity of the pocket square increased and developed it soon became less of a handkerchief and more of a statement piece in gentleman’s fashion. Now you can find pocket squares of all different materials, prints and colors. Choosing which to emphasize is key when it comes to accessorizing your suit in the best way possible.


Pocket Square – Prints

You need to consider your personal taste, the occasion and your tie when you wear a printed pocket square. Typically you want your tie to be solid colored, because wearing two prints (even if they’re the same print) can be excessive. If you’re going to a casual event you can opt to wear a bold pattern that will help bring out the exuberance of your outfit. It will be a striking contrast to the simplicity of the suit.

When going to a formal event, you should wear a demure print or pattern that has the tie – or suit color – embedded into the fabric. This will make it so that your pocket square doesn’t cause too much attention for the wrong reasons. You want to remain classy at these types of events, and begin too much of a distraction can be the wrong approach. Be sure that the only print you have is that on the pocket square. You want your tie to be a neutral, solid color as it will help balance the print on the pocket square.


Pocket Square – Solids

When choosing to wear a pocket square that’s a solid color, you have the option to accent the attire with a printed or patterned tie with the color of the pocket square or suit entwined in it. This will help streamline the outfit so that you’re coordinating the colors.

Some great colors that go with a black suit can be bright, but neutral. You should try to remain in the royal color family. These colors often include: white, burgundy, royal blue, navy, charcoal grey, silver and gold. A tie is much more of a statement piece than the pocket square, and you don’t want to distract from your suit with a tie that’s a foul color. Remaining in neutral colors – even when it comes to the print of your pocket square – will help create a sleek look for any occasion.

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When looking at your suit be sure to determine what type of pocket square you wear with that tie. You need to consider what’s the best pocket square for a black suit. Matching them is key, and you should know that one – the tie – is more of a statement piece than the other. You should rethink the way you wear a pocket square with a black suit. There are so many options, and you want to keep up a polished look that will give the best impression possible.